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The Fees Explained

At we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. work closely with the Campbell Wallace Fraser Ltd, who charge a fee for the service they provide. As they do not receive funding from any other sources, the charges they make to you for using their services helps them maintain their overheads and provide a service to you. To ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, we have put together some clear guides on the different fee structures across Debt Management Plans, Full and Final Settlements, IVAs, Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes and Sequestration.

Debt Management Plans

This illustration is based on a client who has £8000 of unsecured debt with 6 creditors. After examining their income and expenditure and allowing for priority debts, it is shown that they can afford to make a payment of £200 a month:

Unsecured debt: £8000
Number of creditors: 6
Monthly Payment: £200

On-Going Management Fee¹


Creditor Payment Fee²


Total Set Up Fee³

Total Fees per month for first six months: £83.83
Payment to creditors per month for first six months: £116.17
Total Fees per month for remainder of the plan: £50.50
Payment to creditors per month for remainder of the plan £149.50

¹ this monthly fee is a set amount of £23.50

² this monthly fee is charged at £4.50 per creditor on your Debt Management Plan

³ this fee is to cover the cost of setting up your plan and is spread over your first six monthly payments

Therefore, over the total life of the plan:

Unsecured Debt: £8000

Set Up Fees:


Total Management Fees⁴:

Total Fees: £2977.50
Length of Plan: 55 months
Fees + unsecured debt £10977.50
Month 55 final payment⁵: £177.50
Total Payments (54 x £200 + 1 x £177.50): £10977.50

⁴ total of 1 (On-Going Management Fee) + 2 (Creditor Payment Fee)

⁵ a final payment of £177.50 would be required in month 55.

ALL the figures above are based upon the assumption that we manage to negotiate with your creditors that they freeze interest/charges on your account(s) with them.

  • At the beginning of your plan you will receive an estimated fee schedule based upon the actual information you submit to us.
  • On the annual anniversary of your plan we will complete an annual review of your circumstances and provide you with an annual statement of the total payments made to your creditors and your new balances with them.

For more details about our fees and our other terms and conditions for debt management plans please follow the link below:

Debt Management Terms and Conditions

Full and Final Settlements:

The following fee illustration is based on a client who has a lump sum of £10,000 available to pay 5 creditors, owed a total of £16,000:

Funds received from client: £10,000
Fees: £1,762.50
Funds available for creditors: £8,237.50
Pence in £ received by creditor: 51.4p


For more details about our fees and our other terms and conditions for full and final settlements please follow the link below:

Full and Final Settlement Terms and Conditions


An IVA is a legally binding agreement between you and your unsecured creditors and by law is administered by an Insolvency Practitioner who is professionally qualified.

In an IVA, the Insolvency Practitioner will act as both Nominee and Supervisor, and will be paid a fee for acting as both Nominee and Supervisor. The payment of the Nominee’s and Supervisor’s fees and his expenses will be detailed in our Engagement letter and in the IVA proposal. These fees may be calculated either as a percentage of contributions you make; on a fixed fee basis or on a time cost basis. As in most cases the creditors decide the basis and amount of such fees.

Nominee’s fee

This is a fixed fee to cover the initial work in setting up the IVA and the preparation of the proposals which includes;

Supervisor’s fees

As soon as the IVA is approved the Insolvency Practitioner roles changes and he becomes the Supervisor who will supervise and maintain your IVA for the agreed term (usually 5 years). In addition he will regularly review your financial situation.

The Supervisor’s  main duties will be:

  • Preparing and sending statutory reports to your creditors
  • Providing any help or advice with regard to your circumstances over the next five years
  • Agree the level of your debts
  • Making distribution to your creditors in accordance with the terms of your IVA proposal
  • Monitoring and ensuring the IVA runs satisfactorily for you and for the creditors

Fees will be payable from the monthly contributions that you make.

We do not charge up-front fees nor are the fees paid in addition to the voluntary contributions you make. In effect the fees are taken from the contributions you make towards your IVA.

The following example shows fees and payments in an IVA where there is no equity available/non-homeowner:

Based on unsecured debts of £30,000
Based on monthly contributions of £200
Total paid over 60 months £12,000
Typical Nominee’s Fee agreed by creditors: £1,000
Typical Supervisor’s Fee agreed: £1,650
Disbursements incurred: £970¹
Total fees: £3,620
Pence in the £1 received by creditors: 27.9p in the £1
Amount written off on completion: £21,620

¹ eg additional costs such as bonding fees and repping costs

Note: If you do not maintain your contributions your IVA may fail leaving you liable for your unsecured debts and creditors could pursue you for the balance that is outstanding to them. If at any point during your IVA you feel you can no longer afford the agreed contribution, you must contact your Insolvency Practitioner to discuss the situation.

Contacting us to discuss any payment difficulties you are experiencing or changes in circumstances is essential, IVAs do provide an element of flexibility, you may be allowed a payment break if you come up against unexpected costs (such as essential home repairs), or the IP may be able to request that creditors agree to amended terms that suit your change of circumstances.

For more information on IVAs, please read the Standard Conditions for Individual Voluntary Arrangements, available as a PDF download.

Protected Trust Deeds:


The trustee’s fees and the costs of administering your Trust Deed will be estimated by the trustee and advised to all creditors when they are notified of the Trust Deed. They will be deducted from the agreed contribution and proposed asset realisations prior to any payment being made to creditors.

Fees incurred for Trust Deeds are variable dependent upon the monthly contribution to the arrangement and the agreement that is reached with your creditors. All the costs associated with your PTD (as relevant) are included in the payments you make into it.

Please see below for an illustration of the fees and payments on a PTD for a client with no equity/non-homeowner:

Based on unsecured debts of £30,000
Based on a Monthly contributions of £200
Total paid over 36 months £7,200
Typical Trustee’s Fee agreed by creditors: £3,034
Outlays £1,166¹
Total fees: £4200
Pence in the £1 received by creditors: 10.0p in the £1
Amount written off on completion: £27,000

¹ eg additional costs such as Agent’s Fees, AIB fees etc..

The fees charged will not affect the actual amount you will be required to pay to the PTD, but will come out of the monthly payments which you can realistically afford to make to the PTD and which will be agreed with your creditors. The size of those payments will depend on the value of your assets and the size of your disposable income.

The fee the Insolvency Practitioner will take will cover both the work involved in setting up the Trust Deed and the on-going supervision and maintenance of the agreement: This fee will be calculated at the start of the agreement, when the terms of the Trust Deed are determined: the appointed IP will draw up your Trust Deed proposal (which tells creditors what they can expect from the Trust Deed) and present it to your creditors.

Debt Arrangement Scheme:


In this illustration the client owes a total of £8000 of unsecured debt to 10 separate creditors:

Unsecured debt: £8000
Number of creditors: 10
Debt Payment Plan Monthly Payment: £200

Monthly Management Fee:

Total Fees per month: £35.25
Payment to Payment Distributor per month¹: £164.75

In addition:

Unsecured Debt: £8000

Initial Fees²:


Total Management Fees:

Total Fees: £2327.25
Length of Plan: 52 months
Fees + unsecured debt £10327.25
Month 52 final payment/refund: £127.25
Total Payments (51 x £200 + 1 x £127.25): £10327.25

¹ You will make this monthly payment to a Payment Distributor who will be allocated to you under the DAS. Your Payment Distributor will arrange for your creditors to receive their appropriate monthly payment as per the terms of your DAS.

² Initial fees charged at 3 x Debt Payment Plan monthly payment and are collected in the first 3 months of the DAS.

Debt Arrangement Scheme Terms and Conditions


Our Sequestration Service Fee includes completing your sequestration application, submitting it to the Accountant in Bankruptcy and telephone support throughout the process. You may pay the initial £500 for our fee and the Accountant in Bankruptcy fee over a maximum of 5 months.

We then estimate you will be subject to a 36 month Income Payment Agreement as a condition of your Sequestration.

We estimate that your plan will incur the following fees:

Campbell Wallace Fraser Ltd Fee: £300.00
Accountant in Bankruptcy Fee: £200.00
Total fees incurred: £500.00

For more details about our fees and our other terms and conditions for Sequestration, please see our Sequestration Terms and Conditions.

Our Fees: is a trading style of Debt Help Scotland Ltd (DHS). All enquiries received from the website go direct to the Debt Help Scotland Ltd.

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